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    Pastor's Weekly Note - 2/28/2024
  • February 28, 2024

    Dear friends in Christ,

    Normally today would be the last day of February. But not when it is a Leap Year! Every four years (well . . . almost every four years) Leap Day is added so that we can catch up with the actual amount of time it takes for the Earth to orbit the Sun (365 days, 6 hours, 19 minutes). And, to make it more confusing, but to also keep things on track astronomically, there is not a Leap Year in years evenly divisible by 100, but not by 400. So, in 1900, when one would have expected a Leap Year, there was not one, and in 2100, when one would expect one, there will not be one. It is complicated, but you can trust the mathsmiley.

    Now that I have you totally confused, let’s try to celebrate that some really smart people in the world have figured this all out for us! You and I just do our thing day after day without realizing that if those really smart people hadn’t figured all of that out, our seasons and our years would be all whacko!

    As I think about Leap Year, it reminds me that there are many things we do know about our world and our solar system and our galaxy and our universe. There are many things we do know about energy and gravity and space and time. What blows my mind, however, is how much we do not yet know . . . and we don’t even know what that is! I think science is awesome, and I like to think that every new scientific discovery is followed by this response from God: “I wondered when you would figure that out!”

    As we conclude the month of February, we turn the page on our February emphasis on the gift of God’s creation. If you have been in any of our February Sunday worship services, you know that we have been celebrating that gift through prayer, song, and reflection. I hope those experiences have been meaningful to you. The gift of God’s creation is just another example of His boundless love for us, and every time we appreciate it, we can appreciate Him!

    As we move into March (after our extra day this yearsmiley), our focus will be on God the Son and His gift of redemption. It is a perfect focus for us as we conclude the Season of Lent and finish out March with our Easter Celebration on the very last day of the month! May God’s boundless love in Christ fuel you to love Him and serve Him more and more.

    In Christ,
    Pastor John

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