Church Staff

Church Staff
    SENIOR PASTOR - Rev. John A. Jameson
  • On July 27, 2014, Pastor John was installed as Christ Lutheran's Senior Pastor.

    Pastor John has a background in computer science and has been an LCMS
    ordained minister since 1990.  His wife, Vicki, and he have four grown children: 3 sons,
    Michael, David and Johnny, and 1 daughter, Jade.

    Pastor John's email address is:

    MUSIC DIRECTOR - Stephen M. Fleck
  • I am a life-long resident of Anderson. Sharon and I have been married for 26 years and our son, Simon, just graduated from Earlham College this past May. This August I will also be starting my 16th year as the Choral and Theater director/teacher at Alexandria Monroe High School.  I have been involved with church music and worship for over 30 years.  I just completed five years as Staff Accompanist at First Presbyterian Church which also was where I grew up.  Before returning to First Presbyterian I was the music director at  New Horizons United Methodist Church for 10 years.  As you can see, we have deep roots in Anderson and Madison County and I feel very honored that God has led me to Christ Lutheran to use my abilities to share in worship with you.
    Steve's email address is:

  • Bethany joined our church staff May of 2009.  Bethany and James have three grown daughters and 11 grandchildren.

    Bethany's email address is:  

    CUSTODIAN - Jennifer Durm
  • Jennifer joined our church staff in 2021.  Jennifer and Tim have 6 children.

    Jennifer's email is: