Our History

Our History

     The Anderson German Lutheran Mission became the congregation of Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church during the summer of 1903.  Worship services were conducted in German in the Madison County Courthouse.  The congregation of 35 built their first church building at 2023 Main Street at an approximate cost of $700 to $800.

     The Confirmation Service of 1910 marked the first service conducted in English.  In 1925 the congregation approved granting the pastor an annual vacation of two Sundays and paying the organist $25 per year.

     A fire struck the church in 1927 providing the congregation with an opportunity to make several changes.  A $7,700 renovation project was undertaken, a new organ was purchased for $1,000, the congregation's constitution and by-laws were revised and adopted in English, and the church became a member of the English District of LC-MS (Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod).  1930 marked the installation of a telephone in the church's parsonage.

     Ushers and bulletins became a part of the worship service in 1939 and the old church pews were sold for $1.50 each.  The following year the pastor was given two full weeks vacation and a car allowance of $8.00 per month.  Elders became an elected position in 1945 and the congregation joined the Central District of LC-MS.

     Eighteen year old males were given the right to vote in 1945 and the Board of Stewardship was formed.  Money for a sports program and a new parsonage ($9,000) located at 2312 Main Street was also appropriated the same year.  By 1948 the congregation had grown to 183 members!

     $6,500 purchased a new parish house at 2027 Main Street in 1950.  The Boards of Elders and Christian Education were formed.  In 1951 the church purchased their first PA system and two years later $1,500 purchased a new organ for the church.  The Altar Guild was formed that same year.

     In 1955 the congregation sold the old parsonage for $10,000 and purchased a new one at 2110 Jackson Street for $11,500.  The following year the church appointed a committee to locate a building site for a new church, parsonage and possibly a school.

     A new church building was erected in 1958 at a cost of $123,499 on 8 acres of land purchased on Rainbow Blvd. in the northeast section of Anderson.  The building contained both a Sanctuary and education space.  An additional $18,000 was used to construct a parsonage adjoining the church.

     In 1963, the congregation became members of the Indiana District LC-MS.  The youth group was reorganized and renamed Christian Overdrive in 1967.  Women were given voting privileges in the congregation in 1972.  In 1973 the church built and dedicated a new altar.

     A mission congregation, St. Mark’s Lutheran, Pendleton, was formed in 1981.  A mid-week education program was started in 1988.  That same year the church installed air conditioning in the Sanctuary and converted the Sanctuary balcony into classrooms at a cost of $134,000.

     An 8:00 a.m. service was added to the schedule in 1990 as average attendance climbed near the 200 mark.  The increase in attendance also required more staff and places for staff to work so the parsonage was converted to office space.  A part-time psychologist was added to staff to assist the pastor.  The mid-week program was expanded to include 3rd and 4th graders.

     Worship was reworked in 1993.  Service times were changed to 9:00 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. with the early service being a traditional format and the later service being performed in a contemporary mode.

     A new wing was dedicated in 2005 at a cost of nearly $1,200,000.  The wing included an enlargement of the Narthex space, a new nursery, accessible restrooms, an elevator and additional classroom space.  This addition made nearly all parts of the building accessible to those with special needs.

Rev. Ernest T. Lams
Rev. R. Eirich
Rev. Arthur H. Tirmenstein 
Rev. Eric O. Metzdorf
Rev. Ernest A. Eggers
Rev. Herman H. Heine 
Rev. Mitchell J. Prifogle
Rev. Raymond A. Ernst 
Rev. Ewald F. Lorenz 
Rev. Karl J. Dunker 
Rev. Stephen E. Koenig
Rev. Thomas Eggold
Rev. Mark Whitsett
Rev. Dr. Gary J. Carstens 
Rev. John A. Jameson

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